Hello and welcome,

My name is Elisabeth M. Waller. I am the author of the Dutch bestseller and female leadership evergreen De zeven ondeugden van vrouwelijke managers .

Multinationals and event organizers hire me as a keynote speaker to talk with tongue in cheek impact about my 7 Vices Personality Type model. This model is best known for its Archetypes, classics-based characters that strikingly resemble the people around you.

We all think of someone when we think about archetypes like the ‘I raise the bar on values’ Virgin, the ‘I like what you like’ Judas, the enfant terrible ‘maverick’ Savior and also the ‘As good as it gets’ Devil. But who are you? And.. if your client/boss is f.e. a Devil, what makes him tick? The 7 Vices provides insights and answers.

We live in exciting times to work and live together. The speed of life and specifically in social contact make it imperative that we understand each other and each others’ challenges faster than ever.

Come along with me and find the right place that makes your archetype flourish best.


Elisabeth M. Waller
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