Enjoy the insights of the 7 Vices’ Archetypes

We all want to be authentic at work

But let’s be honest we want to be successful as well!

The fun thing with the 7 Vices Personality type model is that…

You can do both!

Instead of checking a list of ideal leadership behavior you actually look at yourself and what the other person needs from you.

You work with Archetypes

And working with Archetypes is much more like a game!

When you know which Archetypes you have and which Archetypes the other person has,

You know which match is best.

And that way of working is easy fun and effective.

Working with the 7 Vices Archetypes gives you accountability.
Because the moment that you realize that you don’t have to give up anything.

That’s when you realize that you can manage everything!

This is what clients say

Just watched the chapter about office politics*. Very good!

The seasons of the year and how to pitch to which archetype ??

Carolien Groothoff

Managing Stream Lead, Zurich

Today I trained a group of 10 women. [I was] All dressed up in a black leather dress and I told them that I was not satisfied with the results we achieved last time. Normally this training is well reviewed with a nice 8 [out of 10]. But this time all 9’s and 10’s, the average score was 9.4. Very remarkable. It feels like acting, nut the result is there. It makes you think.

Judith van Amersfoort

Arbeids- en organisatiedeskundige, Prevent Partners

Results from an average training event


Easy to apply

82 % of the trainees say they can easily recognize the archetypes in their daily life.

Longlasting effect

After months 63 % of the trainees still works with the archetypes on a weekly basis.


42 % of the trainees says they can now motivate people better thanks to the Archetype insights.


33% of the trainees feel that since the training they have achieved a stronger position in office politics.

All 7 Vices trainings are designed to help you get a new fresh and fiesty insight on the people around you. Also it gives you clear options on how to work with them best.

Elisabeth M. Waller
Creator of the 7 Vices Personality Type Model

Licensed Practitioners

Els Deboutte

Els Deboutte

Elsewhere Consulting BVBA

Yvonne van Oosten

Yvonne van Oosten


Clients love to work with the 7 Vices and its Archetypes because of ...



The joy of a fresh way to look at people


The enthusiasm is captivating


The feedback on your pitfalls and strengths


The tons of tips & tricks on how to be best with all kinds of people.