A few days ago two of my favorite online teachers gave me a thumbs up! I am glooming like a 7 year old who gets a compliment from her teacher. Yeah Heah I am on the next level!!

And I want to share my little personal win with you. I am starting to love my sales skills again. And I am finding my way back to what I love to do most:
Give fun and practical tools to fun career women (and men) like you!

You know, Sales is everywhere!
You sell to your kids how to get to bed in time. You sell to your husband that you go to Ibiza this summer. You sell to your superior that you are ready for a next step. You sell to your colleague that that job is perfect for them (and not for you).

So even though you’re not in sales:


If you are looking to get more traction with the people you want to sell to and work with. And you are willing to do the work to make it happen. I would love to give you the tools and tips to get there, make it happen. Get those sales up and up!

This I why I have produced a FREE sales training for you!

How to understand your client better and make more money
Are you experiencing some frustration because it’s not easy to sell? I totally get it! Been there! In this training you’ll learn the 5 key steps you need to have in place to fulfill the buying needs of your client, 5 practical tips I give everyone who is starting out in sales and that I still use to this day and the biggest mistakes that you want to avoid if you want to survive in the business jungle. This is a training also will come in handy for not sales folks! Because not knowingly you are selling something every day: Kids to bed early? Dining with your friend in your favorite restaurant? Your promotion? Sold! Sold! Sold!
with your friend in your favorite restaurant? Your promotion? Sold! Sold! Sold!


You can grab more fun stuff on my new Free resources page>>

Also in Dutch!!

NEDERLANDS!!! Begrijp je klant en verdien meer geld
Vind je het moeilijk om te verkopen? Ik snap het? Been there! In deze training leer je de 5 kern stappen die je op orde moet hebben om je klant z’n koopbehoefte te vervullen, de 5 praktische tips die ik iedereen geef die begint met verkopen en die ik nog steeds gebruik en de grote fouten die je moet vermijden als je wilt overleven in de sales. Dit is trouwens een training die ook handig is voor niet sales mensen. Want uiteindelijk verkoop je allemaal wil iets vandaag: kids vroeg naar bed? uit eten met je vriendin in je favoriete restaurant? Je promotie? Verkocht! Verkocht! Verkocht!

That was it for today!
Have fun!

Oh, and if you like it: would you please share these free resources with your friends and colleagues. I want to help as many wonderful women as possible.

To all the good things that are just waiting and eager to come your way!


Ellen Soentken
Creator of the 7 Vices.com