Over the past decades my free archetype quiz has been far out the most popular. 

My archetype quiz gives you insight in your favorite female leadership archetype.

=> It shows you how to accentuate your strength. 

=> And it tells the sources of your sadness.

=> And it gives you insight and practical tips on how to get rid of the blocking thoughts that are causing the pain you’re in.

Did you know people can change their minds about people, stuff and themselves?

Of course you do.

Did you know that you can shift from one archetype to another over time?

I experienced this with clients and myself too over the past decade and a half.

I have shifted through some archetypes the past decades and one is my favorite (yet again).

Can you guess which Archetype is my favorite?
I really like to have my stuff in order.
I know I am likely to need more time, space and a feeling of serenity than the next woman you see.
I know I can be too cool and distant on my bad days.
Which one do you think I am?


I am currently the archetype Virgin (yet again I would like to  add).

And where are you?
I mean. It is likely that you have outgrown your old favorite archetype as well.
Which Archetype is your favorite now?
Would you like to know?
The test is stille free. 

You can still do the free Archetype quiz here >>


I would love to hear from you to know which kind of archetype you are now.

Warm hugs,

Ellen Soentken