Learn more about Archetypes?

You can learn more about Ellen Soentken’s Archetypes in her ebook The 7 Vices Lifesaver (PDF)

Day 29.

BONUS Exercise 1. Giving purpose to your image: Dream board Exercise

This exercise will help you become clear who you are and what you desire in your life. As soon as you know what you really really really want in your life, it becomes clear where you were and where you want to be. Also who you were and who you want to become. As a result you find out how your dream board can help you make clear if the problems you are dealing with are actually worth transforming your archetype profile for. Sometimes it is you who needs to grow and transform. But sometimes it is not your job to transform but to accept and deal with what you experience around you. This is about timing, patience, opportunities and the magic that seems to be like divine order.

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