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Learn new agile communication skills. See through and play strong office politics. Enjoy work and show your talents.

The Program

Hello Bonus Material

Just to welcome you to the Female Leadership Academy you will get a few bonus trainings.

  1. The instant version. Because you are an FLA-er for free.
  2. Getting warm for female leadership (inspiring examples and heartwarming quotes from famous women & women like you and me)
  3. First introduction to the model that will help you shape and build your female leadership: the 7 Vices Personality Type model.

Also You will be preparing for the FLA with a personality type test, so you will know which FLA lessons might be exactly what you are looking for.

  1. Right when you will start the course you will receive an invitation from Ellen Soentken to do the 7 Vices Personality Type test. If you have made this personality test (and there are no wrong answers, only answers that can give a good picture of your present personality profile, according to Ellen Soentken’s 7 Vices personality type model) you will receive your test statistics report in module 1.
  2. Spoiler Alert: In Module 3 Ellen Soentken will do a recorded PERSONAL 10 minute reading of your 7 Vices Test report. (<- that alone is for many the reason to enroll for this academy) To pinpoint your strongest archetype roles, your allergies and recommendations for personal development, according to what she makes up from your answers reflected in the 7 Vices Personality Type test.
Module 0: The Feminine Promiss

The Female Leadership Academy begins with giving you a head start with this Module Zero. In her years of research for her dissertation paper at the university and also later in her practice as a trainer & coach Ellen has found that women struggle more with a few themes than men. In order to give you a head start so you can enjoy the upcoming course material she will help you tackle these themes right on.

  • Lesson 1 Jumping over the power of habit
  • Lesson 2 Pinpointing the value of Femininity Lesson
  • 3 Understanding the public opinion
  • Lesson 4 Playing with Role expectations
  • Lesson 5 Clearifying your deepest desired future
  • Lesson 6 Tips for omnipresence & mobility
  • Lesson 7 Practical suggestions for your inner role model aspirations
Module 1: Everything you want to know about YOU!

This is a very fundamental part of the Female Leadership Academy. The gem in the beginning, for many.

  • Lesson 1. The 7 Vices Personality Type Model. We will start the FLA with the explanation of the 7 Vices Personality Type Model. Ellen Soentken will talk you through how this model works. She will unveil the difference between people who work predominantly with male vices and predominantly with the female vices. She will go into how strong (or overused) vices relate to certain archetypes. And she will tell you how balancing all vices (male and female, creator and destructor) will unfold your total personality, improve your personal effectiveness, bring that extra professional touch to your image and … broaden your female leadership skills. 7 Vices Model Copyright Ellen Soentken 2015
  • Lesson 2. How to read your 7 Vices Personality Type Report Ellen will show a few 7 Vices Personality Type report examples to tell you what you can learn from the statistics. What they can say about you, your strength, your allergies and your growth opportunities. In module 3 Ellen will be giving personal 7 Vices Personality Type Report readings for everyone who signs up for FLA. This is the ‘glad you stayed after the 30 day money back guarantee’ bonus. En te lessons that follow we go into all the specific archetypes, what makes them so relatable, when they are at their best and what they need to learn about themselves on their Vice level.
  • Lesson 2.1. Virgin / God
  • Lesson 2.2. Mini Virgin / Mini God
  • Lesson 2.3. Whore / Savior
  • Lesson 2.4. Evolution Eve / Evolution Adam
  • Lesson 2.5. Frump / Judas
  • Lesson 2.6. Mini Witch / Mini Devil
  • Lesson 2.7. Witch / Devil
Module 2: The perfect pitch

In this module we will go assemble the following lessons learned:

  • what you want to achieve, pick the first small goal
  • what are your strongest leadership skills, choose and revine the best skills
  • what are your best Archetype allies and mentors, profile your best


  • Lesson 1. The basic ingredients of a great pitch
  • Lesson 2. Working out your pitch Goal
  • Lesson 3: Designing your Pitch Message
  • Lesson 4. Working out the strategy for your Pitch Succes
  • Lesson 5. Pitch evaluations
Module 3: Dealing with your demons

This is a leadership muscle building module where you will deal with your demons. In the 7 Vices Personality Type Test you will see which vices you have in the dungeon and which you might be using in the wrong situations and with the wrong people. What is so nice is that we found that certain overuse or underuse of a vice relates to specific common issues we struggle with. Here are the most common lessons to deal with our demons and put them in the dungeon.

  • Lesson 1 Daring to connect with sensitive people
  • Lesson 2 Beyond the ‘why is this happening?’: Seeing the purpose and function of office politics
  • Lesson 3 Protecting what is yours, feeling and setting boundaries for yourself and how to communicate them to others
  • Lesson 4 How to stay centered. Making the distinction between your life lessons and other people’s baggage
  • Lesson 5 Saying yes to your golden opportunity, how to heighten your visibility and attract opportunities you want
  • Lesson 6 How to articulate what you do want, finding passion and purpose again
  • Lesson 7 Staying clear on your vision, how to be strong in office politics and still be able to see the big picture of your goals
Module 4. Office Politics for Ninja's

This is an essential part of leadership. The more people you lead. The bigger your responsibilities. The more office politics you HAVE to deal with. It is not a a choice of ‘doing’ office politics or not. It is playing office politics or. … being played. Here are the lessons to grow into a wonderful office politics ninja!

  • Lesson 1: Wake up!
  • Lesson 2: Focus on Power!
  • Lesson 3: Let time be on your side!
  • Lesson 4: Gather your allies!
  • Lesson 5: Prepare your game
  • Lesson 6: Play to win!
  • Lesson 7: From power to empowered! Epiloge: Wheel of fortune
Module 5. How to motivate people

Here we go into the specific archetypes, how to spot them and keep or get them motivated as much as possible.

  • Lesson 1. Virgin / God
  • Lesson 2. Mini Virgin / Mini God
  • Lesson 3. Whore / Savior
  • Lesson 4. Evolution Eve / Evolution Adam
  • Lesson 5. Frump / Judas
  • Lesson 6. Mini Witch / Mini Devil
  • Lesson 7. Witch / Devil
Module 6. Your Legacy

Ellen Soentken will share what she has seen and experienced in the key to building a legacy.

  • Lesson 1. Digging deeper. Finding your own legacy. The read thread in your life as the lead to your legacy.
  • Lesson 2. Making ‘stuff’ meaningful Translating your life experience, drive and desire into one meaningful tool for others
  • Lesson 3. Nurturing your brainchild
  • Lesson 4 Adepting to the situation and time
  • Lesson 5 Building from scratch Technical, practical tips to safeguard what is yours to give
  • Lesson 6. Why not everything happens when you want it to happen
  • Lesson 7. Passing the torch to the next generation.
Graduation Bonus

When you have finished the program the following lessons will become available:

  • The Marathon Career
  • Paying it forward: Tips in setting up vertical female sisterhoods
  • A keen eye on female talent: how to spot talent and guide it to greatness