Frequently Asked Questions

for Ellen Soentken’s Female Leadership Academy

What is Ellen Soentken's Female Leadership Academy?

The Female Leadership Academy is a 6 week video based interactive training program that teaches intelligent, effective career strategies to female executives who want to have a better grip on their own career direction and pace and more impact from their presence. Whether you are a young starter or a savvy career consultant, the Female Leadership Academy will guide and challenge you to execute at the highest possible level. The training is released in weekly modules and consists easy to follow video’s, an extensive personality type selftest, swipe files, fun sheets and done for you resource lists and cheat sheets. All of the training is online contained in the private members only site of the Female Leadership Academy. Students can connect with fellow students and compare notes with classmates in the private and monitored facebookgroup. The Female Leadership Academy also provides 4 intensive group coaching sessions where Ellen Soentken answers questions and offers strategic advice in order to keep the trainees consistent with their action and that they receive value for their investment in this training. Also will Ellen Soentken provide one 1-on-1 intensive coaching of 20 minutes in which she will interpret your 7 Vices Personality Type Report. As a bonus on top of the online program there is one off line LIVE event: The Female Leadership Academy Event. The Female Leadership Academy is for life. You can retake this program each year for free each year, for as long as the program exists.

Who is the Female Leadership Academy right for?

If you want to learn how to use your feminine leadership skills to motivate more people, convert more colleagues into allies and fans and align your career with your highest values, the Female Leadership Academy is the right program for you.


  • Ambitious Starters
  • Established Professionals
  • Successful Executives who want to expand their impact with their feminine touch
  • Management, mentors, coaches who want to help grow female leadership skills within and around.


Can I read your customer reviews?

If you are looking for honest reviews of the Female Leadership Academy, about the 7 Vices Personality Type Model and Ellen Soentken as your trainer, we have got you covered. The best place to see testimonials is here on your page Praise.

What kind of female leadership are you trying to promote?
I promote to work the bandwidth of all women can be in leadership. From the styles of Hillary Clinton, to Marilyn Monroe, to Anna Wintour and Mother Teresa and the Olson twins. It is all a matter of gravitas. And daring to show that you are the right person in the right place with a purpose. It is not a political correct female leadership training. In 13 years doing the trainings in female leadership I found out that political correct, is not my cup of tea. It frustrates me and my clients. I have clients that say ‘ellen i pay you a reasonable course fee and  my precious time to tell me what I need to do better, so stop being polite’ knowing, using and sometimes even stretching your bandwidth in personality styles works. And at the end of the day that is what I think matters. So i promote the Female Leadership that might not be completely political correct or look nice and pretty sometimes and ‘bon ton’ to talk about. But it works. wink-emoticon Thank you for asking!!!
Why do you use such political incorrect terms as 'witch' 'whore' 'judas' and 'devil' in the 7 Vices Personality Type Model?
The 7 Vices Personality Type Model is developed especially for the political incorrect, those passively aggressive situations that hinder or shut down female executives careers before they even new what happened. After decades of study Ellen Soentken has developed a model to help female executives and entrepreneurs to assess what female personality they prefer to have, what female and male leadership skills are at their fingertips and which female and male leadership skills they dismiss. In the mid nineties Ellen Soentken graduated at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam specializing in Social-Cultural Anthropology, her final paper was about ‘what worked for the top career women in the Netherlands’ with the titel ‘the choice between the game and quality’. Thinking about the sometimes hard decision to either work overtime and deliver wonderful work results or go to the networking event and seal the next promotion through support. Ellen is an avid reader of old stories and epic books. From the Hero with a thousand faces by Joseph Campbell to the Bible to the more gnostic Nag Hammadi scriptures. Somewhere between what we see and the symbols is the truth for us to learn, she often says. In her personal experience there were a few of the 7 Deadly sins she did not understand at the moment when her career in the media slowed down compared to her ambition. With what she had studied, read, seen and personally experienced a model rose to the service, inspired from the 7 deadly sins and the analysis by Guy Bechtel in his work The four women of god: The Whore, The Witch, The Saint and The Frump. During the past 13 years of training, Ellen Soentken discovered that the 4 female archetypes Guy Bechtel deducted from the bible scriptures heavily correlate with 4 of the 7 female vices. The unfolding of the 7 Vices model began. Ellen translated the classic archetypes Witch, Whore, Virgin and Frump into daily working Archetypes. And gave them depth and visual, behavioral and social psychological attributes making it almost real live and therefore very relatable personality types. Vanity – Giving Meaning – Virgin, Lust – Seducing- Archetype Whore, Envy – Manipulating Emotions – Frump, Anger – Matronizing – Witch.     What about the men? A lady in one of Ellen’s trainings asked. And that is how Ellen saw the 7 Vices model unfold again. This time with the male vices and the male archetypes. The Virgin is married to … God The Witch has a pact with the… Devil The Whore was the companion of the.. Savior And The Frump is the silent partner of the .. Judas.     Why these heavy and extremely political incorrect unflattering archetype names for the women? Ellen has often tried to use more political correct names, like roman deities, greek deities, and more neutral colors. Like this: Virgin – Light blue – Athena Whore – Orange – Aphrodite Frump – Green – Hera Witch – Purple – Persephone   The male names might seem to look a little more flattering, but that was exactly the point Guy Bechtel and Ellen Soentken later are making. There is not a lot of space for positive flamboyancy, power and wisdom for women in our culture. Only the nice Frump is accepted in a serving position. If you do not wish that, or it does not feel right for you because.. you know female and leadership is in your genes, you will experience what is called in social cultural research: the power of habit. Therefore it is not the names that hurt. It is what they make very clear. And although the colors and the greek and latin names sound a lot more acceptable and political correct. They miss the flesh and bones the old archetype names immediately have.  Everyone has a feeling with how a Witch-boss looks and behaves as apposed to a Whore-boss Do you have a clue how a Persephone boss and an Aphrodite boss looks and behaves. Ok. so that is why we use the 7 vices model as the back bone in all our trainings. That is why we use exactly these archetype names in all our trainings. It gives you massive impact in know how, and a great horizon in opportunity in skills, without loosing a lot of time and energy trying to figure out what kind of executive you are right now and how you can improve and even give that extra edge at work. 
What if I miss a live Intensive coaching call?
All live coaching calls will be recorded and shared in the members area of the Female Leadership Academy members site.
I understand there is a 7 Vices Personality Type test? How about the privacy?
Yes, in the Female Leadership Academy you will be invited to take the 7 Vices Personality Type Test online. You will get the test results during your 1 on 1 live coaching call with Ellen Soentken. If it is ok with you Ellen Soentken can use your testreport, make it anonymous. You and your report will then get a specific code, so you can see when Ellen will be talking about your report in the live intensive group coaching call about the interpreting the test reports. But again, nothing without your permission. If you don’t want to your test results will not be published. And if you don’t want to you don’t have to take the test at all!! -but you will miss a great insight in to your female leadership skills and image-  If you want, we can also delete your testreport from our database.
When does the Female Leaderschip Academy start and end?

The Female Leadership Academy starts right after you have signed up for the course. The program contains 6 learning weeks and one pauze of two weeks to catch up with the homework exercises. You have a lifetime access to the program, for as long as the Female Leadership Academy exists.

What is the investment? Are there payment plans and scholarships?

The investment of the Female Leadership Academy in 2016 is Euro 1229,– excl. VAT. Yes we offer payment plans & scholarships. Contact Ellen Soentken directly for more information.