Subtle choices have bigger impact than you would think...

Usually my training is being awarded with a good 8. Now a lot of 9’s and 10’s. Average score 9.4. This is amazing! And it feels like I am acting, but I cannot deny the results. It makes you think about this…

Judith van Amersfoort

HR and Organizational Advisor

I just watched your Female Leadership Academy chapter online about Pitching. This is awesome!
Seasons and how to pitch to each archetype ??
Caroline Groothoff

Change Leader UBS Zwitserland

4 Keen visibility tactics

(and how to use them best ;-))

The impact is omnipotent

Presentations, negotiations, CV's, wardrobe, vocabulary, stationary, emails, office, desk, car, social, salary, security, being promoted or fired

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Regain control over your impact

Train yourself how to improve your visibility

Check and update your wardrobe armor

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