Recently an online coaching client of mine gasped:

“Ellen, making a dream board as you sugested is so rediculous!

I have no idea where to start. Why would I even do this? It takes so much time!”

And as Alice summed up all reasons why NOT to make that silly dream board I cheered the dream board and it’s many benefits:

* It makes your focus on what’s important for you in your life clear
* It will become easier to notice and then really say “No” to ‘poisoned presents’, like projects or prospects that are doomed to fail.
* You will move towards what you want to achieve in your life, faster and with more ease.
* Sometimes that dream board has a…. miraculous effect on getting you ‘there’ faster.

And in the back of my mind I was hearing my dad say to me ‘be careful what you wish for’.
-more things happened, really Halloween style, to make a long story short: lights went on and off again that time, we felt his presence. He’s not alive anymore, but the thing that Rob and I were about to experience, well that’s what my dad and I loved to do together when he was alive: doing business buying and selling houses, negotiating to the bone. <–Spoiler alert!!!-

So things took a surprising turn when Alice challenged me:

“Send me an example of a dream board, maybe of your latest dream board.”

And my voice choked. My latest is from … eh… when did I do mine??
Oops, that was some years ago. As I found out scrolling through the catacombs of my back up.

High time to proof my own lessons and make a new dreamboard
No excuse to postpone now and I seased the opportunity to enjoy that dream board bliss.
(I attached mine below).

And as I was pasting pictures of people I admire, work I love to do more of, clients I adore, places I love or would love to be and the kind of house I would love to live in.

Then I send my latest dreamboard to Alice (and some other coaching clients who were struggling with their dream man, their dream job etc.  as a challenge for them to make their own).

She liked the openness. And the invitation to step up and do it.

And then things took a very surprising miraculous turn.

Do you see at the bottom of my dream board that I am cheering in front of the original White House???

This is what happened right after I “did my board” :
-and the reason why I did not email you the past week-

A few weeks ago and out of the blue a lady knocked on our front door.A teacher too. She found out that we were trying to sell our house. She liked it and asked if she could get a tour from us to see it.

Two days later we sold our present house to her.

We had to find a new home for our family, since we have to move out before christmas.

And the first house we found and loved turned out to be the one we eventually bought last week.

And that house (we realized later, as these things happen to go that way) is in a neighbourhood that’s called ‘the white houses’.

We bought our White House, last week!

Again and this time with even more gusto:

Please download this dream board and make it your own.

And remember:

Be careful what you wish for!!!

So again, I give this little gift with a potential big impact for you here.

In order to get passed the frustration of not being perfect and not being there yet, you need some upbeat inspiration a handy tool to find out where you want to go.

That sweet spot you are so desiring to transitioning into.

Download and fill out your personal dream board.

It will help you to see what your longing tells you where you are transitioning into.

And if you do this, please do not be perfect, do not be nice or self hurting mentally.

What I mean is, dare to dream for yourself, because

when you’re clear you don’t need to be fixed in order to make it happen.

You can download my Dreamboard exercise handout here>>

And what’s next for you?


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