Spring is showing it’s first shine and I feel abundant and very very lucky at this point in my life.

Things are flowing better and better each day.

(Yes my back hurts, but it is getting much much better)
(Yes my website (especially my online courses are in a tech grumpy mood and I feel like I am slaying my dragon here with a whole team from USA to India to fix something that looks so simple)
(Yes my mom is in her last weeks of her life)
(yes my daughter is ill at home)

But overall all is well.
In the big picture, besides a little sidetrack because of.. life… we are together, we are safe and we are blessed.

But it has not always been this way…

A few years ago I was in a deep point in my professional self esteem.

The 7 Vices did not have that automatic sell itself mode anymore.  The email was making the sound of crickets (like nothing happening) up to a point that I was seriously doubting my skills and the power of the 7 Vices.

Was this it?
Is the 7 Vices hype over and done with?


have I lost it?

Or never ever had it in the first place and did I enjoy just a lucky fluke around 2004-2008?

This feeling of self doubt made me look at the people around me.

People I knew from the university and who seem to have it all made. Why did I not choose that path? Was I being silly and stupidly naive to belief that I could actually make a difference?

I was in one of the deepest points in my entrepreneureal career.

The utter low you can get in self esteem.
This is how I felt then:

Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!

And I was in the limbo between wanting to throw away everything I have build and looking around me for hints and signs that I should hold on and continue to build and work my way up again.

If you ever felt like that, or you feel like that right now: I have got you covered with my newest podcast ES #005 a morning meditation You can hear me and download it here

Then the phone calls came, and my hope grew

And just when I received emails and phone calls from all over the world ( I mean Switserland, India, Japan and the USA) out of the blue encouraging me to continue my work, I refound a glimpse of hope and tried to get myself up and go for it again.

And then I heart my leg

Just when I had my calendar looking nicely booked up with new work and clients that give me energy (and I them), I slipped and fell. I broke my leg. And I had to cancel the trainings and speaking engagements I was so desperately praying for.

And then..I stole

In my bed, I looked at the marvelous Marie Forleo and her Bschool. And I asked my internet agency to build me ‘something as hot as that, but then with my products’. I hoped (silly me) that the internet company would solve my crisis with their creativity. Like a magic wand I could buy me a great new marketing look and boost my sales. (yeah, many of us do. Stupid but there you go, I did it too in my low). And although I take pride in that all I make is original, I was ashamed of my new website for months. My website looked like the one Marie had at that time. In my eyes it did. And worse: the website did not do a thing for me commercially.

Copying gives you a feeling of shame and a commercial BIG OUCH

But then something wonderful happened. I met the tech teacher from the program of B School online, Nathalie Lussier. And while I was sick healing in my bed. Nathalie healed me and without knowing or intending to freed me from getting stuck with a sucky website and in the claws of the tech internet people. I am a proud ambassador of Nathalie Lussier’s products and services.

Being original transforms your statistics to the better

And so I learned from Nathalie how to build my website (and learning tools and god knows what else). Nathalie and Marie helped me how to look at my products and services in a whole new way.

Being original transforms your position and sales too!

And in the process of rejuvenating my website, and my services and going online with my trainings I witnessed a transformation in the statistics and my sales numbers too.

People somehow feel it when you are the real deal.

And people react to authenticity.

Not the political correct kind you hear so often in those political correct but useless trainigs.

I am talking about that raw and vulnerable authenticity.

Raw authenticity perspires and transforms

It is true. People pick up on that. Consciously and subconsciously. I know it, because I have seen this happening in the time that I worked for VNU as a concept manager.

People do not buy a lie. (or at least: not as well as they buy the truth)

They buy and react to the truth and vulnerability much better.

Being original is like having the whole cake

I know, it takes time, money and above all a whole lot of energy and guts to go the distance and live your personal legacy. Build your authentic legacy. Leave your footsteps, or put a ‘ding in the universe’ as Steve Jobs once said.  
But it is worth it. Soft Self esteem wise, karma wise and.. hard money and career ping ping wise.

When you steal the crumbs will drie up, leaving you dried up and shriveled.  

I long time ago some ladies (wel ladies…) thought it was perfectly ok to use my 7 Vices archetypes Virgin, Witch and Whore in their training without my consent.  And within a few years they saw themselves thrown out of their luxury office space, out of esteemed clients, in a bad neighborhood best known for high crime…

So, Don’t steal.

Go the distance and you will be rewarded

Take it from this silly girl with that big silly 7 Vices idea that is now spreading the globe slowly but steadily.

Oh and talking about going the distance:

My podcast is up again:

Love & Learn,


Ellen -just be you and you’ll win the lot- Soentken
Creator of the7vices Personality Type Model


Ellen Soentken


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