Last night and again this morning I watched the documentary about Pixar on Netflix.

If you are a creator like me, there are moments where you know that your ideas are ahead of time. You know that what you are working on is what people need. But the masses don’t know it yet. You have a vision. You are working towards that.

Because it is new. Because you are breaking ground. Because you are figuring stuff out all on your own, or in a small team of crazy enthusiastic specialists. Doing something nobody has done before and what many people perceive as impossible.

Than the Pixar special will definitely help you understand where you are right now and.. what you need for the next step.

Here was a very successful young team at Pixar. And They wanted to take their company and their work to a next level. Reinvesting again and again to keep things going is not a winning strategy. It was just buying time. Ding dong. Ring a bell with you??? It did with me. Remember they did very creative work but they had this funny idea about a story about toys that would talk and behave like people. (spoiler alert: toy story).

At the same time Disney was looking for a way to rejuvenate. And the two met. They partnered later on too. Pixar brought in their creativity and love for the movies. And Disney had the experience and distribution connections.

Now and than it hit me. Or better said Rob said it loud. Ellen, what you need is a Disney. You are creative. You are decades ahead of your competition. What you are working on is ground breaking and revolutionary. But… you need a Disney. Someone who can help you take it to the next level, without changing what makes you and the 7 Vices so special. Without the need for total control.

Someone who understands the length and depth you have to go through in order to create something out of nothing, with heart and soul.

That was an epiphany to me.
And I wanted to share that with you.

Do you need a Disney too?
Let’s chat!

You read more about that Pixar Episode on Netflix here.
Or watch the trailer on youtube below.


Ellen Soentken