It is me, Ellen Soentken. I hope you have missed me a bit. This summer break I was enjoying a ‘dolce far niente’ time off with the kids and my husband. I needed time off to refuel my juices to get you more inspired and energized too. This time I want to share with you an absolute must know about how to make you and your colleagues motivated to the max. And I also have a good remedy so you can now become the one in the office who miraculously matches people to their tasks like a professional happy marriage matchmaker from heaven.
But first a philosophical note:
“Motivating people is not about what you want to give. It is what the other needs to receive from you to get motivated.”

Ellen Soentken
Remember the last time I emailed you about Motivators? This scarily high 92 % of the people in my motivators survey who see their motivation out of the window when they have to deal with:
1. Boring paperwork (36%)

2. Unclear assignments (29%)
3. Office politics (27%)

Well there is a little more to be said about this! 

Because one person’s nightmare job actually is the other persons dream job!

So for example:
Sandra can get completely demotivated by boring paperwork but Yvonne really loves it!
It also is the case in many of the other frequently named motivators and demotivators.

One person’s turn on is really the other person’s turn off!!!

But… How do you know who is actually motivated by boring paperwork. To name an example?

You can think ‘Ah, but I have done a leadership training and I know what personality type you are and how I can communicate with you to do X.’ I have learned how to talk with you to get you understand the importance of the task. Engaged. Motivated. 
But what if the task itself makes the other person SCREAM!!! And wake up in sweat that night? Really!
What if you get just the tasks you love to do?
It is possible! How would you feel if your superior actually has a clue what kind of work is your big break. And acts upon it too? What the motivator research reveiled and confirmed is that the 7 Vices Personality Type model (short The 7 Vices) has a set of archetypes that not only are easy to recognize at the office, but also correlate with motivators and demotivators.  If you want to do the online 7 Vices test and find out about yourself and the people around you. Contact me directly.  
Two words: Perfect Match
A Perfect Match is a new way to distribute the tasks, projects (and jobs) among your team (or even among your superiors if you are really Gungh Ho about this). This revolutionary tactic gets your colleagues motivated without you dripping a sweat. Because the task or job matches nicely with their main archetype personality type (or second favorite archetype). No memos, mental massages and mentoring needed anymore. Do you have a bully? Then I have a tip for you.
Here’s the trick:
You may think: “I do my best to motivate other people to do the tasks I assign (or the jobs or favors I want them to give me), Same old same old and maybe a little arrogant subtekst message ‘I see you but I still give you the task you don’t like, but I do it with a leadership song and a dance). (I also have a more revined Pitch Tip for that.
Give yourself and others a Perfect Match

Every time you need something done (a favor, A task, a project it works on many fronts and managerial levels), look at ‘the others’ and find out what kind of archetype their favorite is. You can buy my little 7 Vices Lifesaver (an ebook pdf with all the male and female archetypes for only Euro 5) . Dare to see the other person with your heart, and assign the task that matches their archetype motivation needs.

Practice makes perfect. (So first: practice at home  ;-)) and keep on practicing, aiming and making the perfect match between the other’s archetype and the task. Because then you will be not only successful but inspiring too.

These archetypes are motivated by:
Judas/ Frump -> Paperwork
Witch/Devil-> Guiding people & office politics
Virgin/God-> Inspiring People, something to be proud of
Savior/Whore-> Opportunities for growth and break a few rules even

These archetypes are Demotivated by:
Judas/Frump -> Risk and visibility
Devil/Witch -> Performance indicators, having to inspire people
Virgin/God -> Office Politics
Savior/Whore-> Boring paperwork

This method forces you to think more about who you want in your team and how you want to motivate your colleagues or superior even. 
It really works much easier when you assign the right task to the right person. And your colleagues will not only be more motivated to do their work. They will feel validated. 

You yourself will enjoy the higher motivation at work.
You will do a lot of other people a big favor too!!!
Try it yourself
Grab a task from your delegate list.
Look at what archetype would match best with it and why.
Analyze your colleagues.
Choose the one that matches best to the task. 

Make the right match
Do you want to get started? Want more?
The Motivators Survey is an ongoing research. Are you wondering what motivates you and your colleagues (and what not)? 

Would you like to boost your business motivation level with the control group?

Contact me with a Bull’s Eye & I am your Yes lady. 

ellen @ or 0651030036.
Until next time,

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