It is me again, Ellen Soentken, and I’m going to share with you an absolute must know about the 3 biggest motivation killers at the office. And I also have a good remedy so you can now dodge these three in one swift move.
But first a philosophical note:
“People do not make a ‘bull’s eye’ by aiming with their eyes.

They make the Bull’s eye aiming with their heart.”

Ellen Soentken
We look too much with our eyes. To the manager, colleagues, the clock, calendar, to-do’s, emails, Facebook messages that we want to respond. In search for new success. But somehow here we strand with our boat on the rocks and get demotivated. Relax. If this happens: You’re not alone.
Did you know that 92% of the people who participated in my motivators research get demotivated by only three simple and quick to solve things?

The 3 worst demotivating factors at work are:
1. Boring paperwork (36%)
2. Unclear assignments (29%)
3. Office politics (27%)
I can give complete training sequences and lectures packed with groaning trainees. But you can do this yourself, you can dodge or sail around these famous de-motivators yourself. No longer the demotivation of boring paperwork, unclear orders and office politics.
Want to know how you dodge the boring paperwork, unclear orders and the silent killer of motivation: office politics?
Ohhhh … What would your day be like if there was just NO paperwork for you. Or if it were, that it was in the form of a game? And your boss, colleague, client knows what he wants. And that people just do their job again because they now realize that they are paid for it or even better: because they want to do it out of free will??
Consider what exactly you do want and who the other person (you know, the one who can actually say ‘Yes’) is.
It is possible! You just need to remember who you are and what you want. And who is the other? My Archetype Model The 7 Vices is a mind blowing strong & accurate tool in this field of expertise. If you want to do the online 7 Vices test and find out about yourself and the people around you. Contact me directly.  
Two words: Bull’s eye
A Bull’s Eye is a great little tactic that gets the impact you want in a swift, clear move between the ears of ‘the other’. No memos, mental massages and mentoring needed anymore. Do you have a bully? Then I have a tip for you.
Here’s the trick:
You may think: “I surrender to my piles of paperwork from 1900, boring and not intuitive or interactive. (I also have a handy tip pitch for that.) I accept and amuse myself in silence as I notice that my boss really does not know what he wants (or worse, a management without vision), and that he (or she, of course) does not care to know either. And squeeze my conscience and self worth like a pretzel for the necessary and endless pushing, pulling left and right (and below the belt) to have enough support in the office politics.
Do yourself and others a bull’s eye favor:

Every time you want to achieve something clear at work, look at ‘the others’ (mr /mrs Yes man) as your dartboard. Dare to see the other person with your heart (because if you have read Le Petit Prince (trans;. The little Prince), you know that only then you can see truth). Know what your goal is and aim your arrow point quickly and steady on what you do want. Practice makes perfect. (So first: practice at home  ;-)) and keep on practicing, aiming and making the bull’s eye. because then you will be not only successful but inspiring too. 
This method forces you to think more about the next step that you want to achieve, who the other is and how you get what you want realized step by step. 
Remember these key ingredients of the Bull’s Eye:
Fast, clear, confident, aimed from the heart, in the middle of the rose of the other.
It really works much better than getting stuck again between the motivation killers of the office politics, unclear orders and boring paperwork.
You will enjoy the higher motivation at work.
And more than that, because not only you likes to work this way. Think of the motivators survey. You remember that 92% ??? You do a lot of other people a big favor too!!!
Try it yourself
Grab a goal.
Make it clear.
Analyze the other.
And focus 1-2-3
Do you want to get started? Want more?
The Motivators Survey is an ongoing research. Are you wondering what motivates you and your colleagues (and what not)? Would you like to boost your business motivation level with the control group? Contact me with a Bull’s Eye & I am your Yes lady. ellen @ or 0,651,030,036.
Stay informed and the next time I will share a little more about why you should prefer to leave the boring paperwork  with a Judas / Frump and really should not leave it with an archetype Savior/ Whore.
… And most importantly, how you use this knowledge of archetypes and motivation now to your personal and organizational advantage.
Until next time,

Ellen Soentken
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