Very instructive. Especially for naming and structuring experiences.
Carina Hilders

Gynaecologist, Reinier de Graaf Groep

Instructive, where multiple loose pieces of a puzzle just fell into place.
Lize Bakker

Owner, Mannen van Staal (trans. Men of Steel, ideal partner in steel)

A new perspective on leadership. Great balance between information and exercises, general and personal.

Director , COP Groningen

The ‘7 Vices’ model is the next revolution in personality type theory. Ellen Soentken has brilliantly pioneered a framework that shows us in our true human dimensions. After experien- cing a session with Ellen my entire outlook on how I perceive myself in both personal and professional situations has changed. If you are looking for a better understanding of yourself and that extra edge at work look no further!

Supervisory Educator & Training Coordinator , United States Department of Defense

Very relatable, easy to use model. Positive. Deep.
Katja van Koppen

Manager Services Facilitaire Dienst, Cordares

I love the ‘7 Vices’ concept! It offers a framework to help us deal with different personality types both at work and at home. Since attending the ‘7 Vices’ workshop, I have become more aware of the tone I use, especially in professional settings – and it works! I feel that I am better heard and communications flows.

Success Coach & Women's Lifestyle Expert, Xana Living Consulting

Maybe the differences between men and women are not that big, but in the game they play at the office the differences are obvious. In ‘the 7 vices’ you learn to see through that game and how to play it better in an incredibly professional and cool way. It is a training I recommend to every woman, preferably at the start of her career!’

HR director, Belgocontrol

A woman talking and writing about the 7 Vices the way Ellen does is a real eye-opener. For me the most attractive women in business (and in real life) are the ones who have and show a bit of all the vices – it makes life interesting and exciting. And for Ellen: you love her, or you hate her, there is no grey in-between. And that’s also a reason why she’s a good coach: a woman like that will change your heartbeat – the ultimate way to have an impact on other people.

Professional buttkicker, Columnist 99 woorden

Vivid use of the theory. You are more aware of ‘femininity’.
Mieke van Gangelen

Manager HR, Aegon

Very intensive and personal training. Tuned in to the special needs and learnmoments. Ellen knows how to pinpoint exactly the right personal development areas with which you will achieve the biggest progress, if you dare to face them.
Diana Henning

Senior Associate, Shell

-I joined both seminars/presentations on 4-11-14 at the Women in Energy in Den Haag -very good description of the two seminars in advance, so I got a quick insight, got curious and knew, what to expect, not difficult to decide for the course (in comparison to the other opportunities…heard from other participants, that they were not satisfied with their courses) -very satisfied and meet all expectations -learned eth. about the main 8 archetypes (the other 6, e.g. Mini-Virgin/God, Evolution-Eve/Adam, Mini-Witch/Devil later in the book) -excellent presentation (nice Powerpoint, with body movement, excercises for the audience, examples and helpful descriptions of the archetypes, the possibility to ask questions) -it was really quickly clear, that a lot of work and science (long term experiments, e.g. asking a lot of probands) and psychological background is behind the apparent easy model of the 7 Vices -also the drawings of the archetypes (which are all on the book:) are appropriate (e.g. Virgin and Devil are really look like them) -application on my surrounding fits so far (not really a surprise, the model is known, that it works:) -Ellen is a very interesting personality (enthusiastic, rousing and high developed mental personality), I appreciate her and what she created with the model of the 7Vices and the 14 archetypes and wish her (her husband) and her team all the best and further so much success concerning the question from above: In welke categorie heeft u de laatste opleiding gevolgd?* Nothing really fit s to me. I have my highest education in Research
Angela Meier

Beautiful training, fitting with daily practice. A lot of personal attention and space for your own questions and contribution.
Erna Knip

The training is awesome! I profit from it on a daily basis both professional and personal. It gives you the opportunity to see matters in a more playful perspective. And I can relate better from different perspectives to other people. I highly recommend this training!
Caroline Groothof