Get a fresh clear look on you.

Who you are.

What you are showing, what your strengths are and your pitfalls.

What demons are blocking you to be more successful and happy in life?

With the 7 Vices Sprint you will get:

  • A complete 7 Vices Personality Type test report on how you score on the 7 Vices Personality Type model (all male & Female, destructive and creative archetypes). This is done with the extensive (and not public) internet test.
  • A personalized video message from Ellen Soentken that will pinpoint your key assets and offers practical solutions with stuff your are struggling with on a daily basis.
  • You will get 2 coaching sessions of 45 minutes via Skype or mobile phone with Ellen Soentken. Recorded if you want.
  • Favorite subjects in coaching:
    • how to get that next promotion,
    • how to protect yourself from horrible bosses,
    • how to direct a team of insubordinates with more ease and fun,
    • how to be more motivated, energetic and authentic at work,
    • how to stand stronger in office politics,
    • how to be better prepared for the upcoming leadership assessment,
    • how to make a shift to a more satisfying career.

You can get the 7 Vices Sprint (this is the test, testreport and videoreport with 2 coachings with me) for Euro 300,- excl vat.

You can order it in my 7 Vices shop by clicking the picture below.

Within 48 hours after you have ordered you will get an invitation to take the 7 Vices Personality Type test.

And I will contact you to set the date for the two coaching sessions via Skype.


Don’t think it is you.

Know what is you, and what is not.

To all the great miracles of life that are waiting to come your way.

As soon as you have removed your blocks.