Hey lovely!

May I give you a tiny female leadership tip for the day?

This one can help you on almost a daily basis. Especially when you’re a woman in a leading position. Or aspire to become one.
Particularly if you feel stressed about writing a sensitive yet confronting email.
And also if you’re obsessing about a tedious boring but oh so correct and detailed presentation.

Get rude.

And I don’t mean get vicious, frustrated and vulgair.

Just rude.
The way you speak and write when you’re having pain or are in a hurry.

I shifted into ‘rude’ style when I strained my acchilesheels en few months ago and the constant pain just stripped away my nice long sentences and helped me to get into a clean cut message about what I really wanted.

All you have to do is pretend in your mind that you have so much going on that you cannot afford to be nice and sensitive.

It works like this:

Darling, stop being so nice.

Yes you!

I love you to pieces.

But it’s high time you let that etiquette queen side of you in the back seat of your manners.

It’s time you really say what you mean and …

keep it simple what you want from the other.

People love this!

And will listen far better too!

They did not listen that well.

And do you know why?

Cause you were hiding behind the veil of social manners.

And nobody could see who you are, how strong and funny you are.

And you could not get your work done either.

Other people you need for your work forgot you and what you asked for.

And the people you love (what? Whole companies) suffer from you being so damn nice.

So come on out of that frumpy ‘oh I really could not say or do that’ ‘what would people think’ and stand up for yourself.

And treat your style with some hot nice rude.

Try it.

You will love it.

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Big hug and come on do it!

​​Love yourself.

​​Love the other.

​​Get rude!