Life can be so exciting and miraculous!

So here I am at home. Taking care of our little one, Floris. He is sick. Chicken pocks.  Here’s a picture of that little 2 year old smooch getting better in his sleep. Flaunting his “I’m a famous singer, didn’t you know it” attitude with his blue & glitter nail polish. Ahhh….

And at the same time I am very exciting to prepare the sales training for this July 12th.

Everybody is in sales nowadays. Sales is big as Daniel Pink has already pointed it out elaborately in his wonderful bestseller To Sell is Human. And Kendrick Shope is preaching it too in her immensely popular (almost hyping) Sales School.

What are you going to get in my Power Pitch Bootcamp this July 12th?
You will learn (in 1 day!!!) what exact steps you need to take to transform your contacts into active buying clients and raving fans.

What did you say you have 2000 contacts in your linked in profile? Or 10.000 emails in your mailing list? what??? Did you know that 1.000 contacts translates into Euro 100.000,- in sales? That means Euro 100.000 of income if you are on a payroll. I am talking about your worth! to your employer!!!

You’re rich!
And you did not even know it! Before this email.

Why is it so important to know how to actually pitch like a pro?
If you know how to sell. If you know what exact steps to take. I am talking about how to identify and profile your client (or boss, or child or husband), you know what he or she needs from you.
You will also learn to understand what to say and do in order to get that contact into someone who is buying your plan, your services your idea.
Someone who is willing to pay for your services.
Someone who is actually appreciating all the good you have to offer.

You could think: oh that is nothing for me. I don’t want to sell. It makes me feel awful. 
I have been there too. But… lovely:

It is not that you do not like to sell.

Selling done right gives you a wonderful joyful feeling. A feeling of factual accomplishment  and of being really meaningful. A great sense of fulfillment. 

What you are referring to while thinking about sales is that you don’t like the feeling of rejection. Because you take it as a personal rejection. That you suck.
But here’s a newsflash:

It’s not you, that sucks!
You are a wonderful valuable and talented person who wants to be the best version of you!
-otherwise you would not be on my list hey!hey!-

Do you feel rejected, more so than you like?
Do you feel your great plans are ignored?
Do you notice that it takes you like FOREVER to get things done?
Do you notice that you are underpaid compared to your colleagues?
Do you feel you know so many people and work so hard but you miss the actual results? The actual promotion? The actual acknowledgment of your talents and efforts?

You just have not mastered (and fell in love again) with the joyful art Sales!!!
It is not easy and I can totally teach you how to love sales (again). And how to do this with charm, self confidence and original flair. And with fun! And above all: with the much needed results of success and acknowledgement!

Than this training is exactly what you need!
Because from what I have seen the past decades in my practice guiding hundreds of career women (and men!) is that it usually is not you! It is not your talent, effort or results!

It is that you suck at selling them.
(excusez le mot)

The Power Pitch Bootcamp will give you exactly what you need to know in order to sell well!

The power pitch bootcamp is held by me personally as your trainer. On July 12th at the wonderful beach resort of De Baak Seaside in Noordwijk.
It will be in Dutch. 

You can sign up here >>

It sells now for only Euro 300,- excl vat a seat. But … I must say: The price will go up to Euro 500,- excl vat on June 6th!

I will trow in a crazy bonus for everyone who will sign up before June 6th!
You will become a 7 Vices Insider for 1 year for free! That means that you will get 1 year of free access to the following upcoming soon online trainings:
* Improve your Sales skills with the 7 Vices
* Improve your HR-insights with the 7 Vices
* Build your own website easy
* Design your professional looking Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook
Worth Euro 500,- excl. vat.
But for free for one year if you sign up for the Power Pitch Bootcamp this July 12th.

Are you done with rejection? Done with being overlooked? Done with not being able to sell your worth? Close that deal? Turn all your contacts into buying raving fans?

I would love to work with you in my Power Pitch Bootcamp at the beach of Noordwijk. 

To all the great things that are coming your way,

Ellen -love to sell full throttle again and proud of it- Soentken


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