I am really curious about you and your working career.

More specific what tools you use to get your career going the way you want and how I can help you make your life easier.

If you can click on the link below to answer two questions about what bugs you most in your career and how you prefer to get unstuck, then I’ll be able to check what training and tools will be useful to you.

Click here to indicate what you currently do to get unstuck.

As the market for women’s career advancement continues to expand and new tools are developed it’s important to me to be ahead of the crowd… and to focus on the stuff that really going to make the biggest positive impact on you!

Thanks a bunch for taking the time to answer!

Dedicated to your success!

Ellen – the curious creator- Soentken

PS. [DUTCH] Ik heb net de super mooie nieuwe 7 Ondeugden training brochure toegevoegd voor de training op 3 & 4 oktober op landgoed de horst, Driebergen. Je kunt m hier zien >>