These are great reads for female leaders on the beach this summer.

Lean In, is a female leadership classic written by the Facebook’s COO Sheryl Sandberg. In the book Sheryl weaves her personal annecdotes with hard data and research. She talks about how women unintentionally hold themselves back at the table. You can watch Sheryl Sandberg in action in her Ted Interview here>> The book is in my top 10 list because she addresses some classic themes for female leaders (fe success and the inner need to be liked). Off coarse the book has gotten a sequel by Sheryl Sandberg. The sequel is not what you expect it to be (it’s more for the graduated students) but IF you are a re-launcher, getting back into the saddle or work again, then this might just be a great book for you to start with. You can find more about Lean In for Graduates here>> As can be expected Lean In got a back wave from it’s own target audience: women. But the title is so much fun it has made it in my top 10. >>

Gina Barreca’s If you lean in.. is a breath of fresh (and naughty) air in the female leadership Literature. If you are familiair with her work and you are a fiesty female leader you will eat this book like a chocolate cake. “If you lean in, will men just look down your blouse” is a book about getting loud, getting love, getting ahead and the first draw (or the last shot). If you are a woman, with somewhat leadership aspiration her talk at TED will just crack you up. You can watch it here >> And yes she is a dr. and a professor and can be really serious too. Look here >>

Originals, how non conformists move the world by Adam Grant is a very interesting book about surprising studies and stories about how people that think differently. What it means to make a difference, how to get your originality and thought spotted and supported. How we can be more original without risking it all.

GRIT: the power of passion and perseverance by psychologist Angela Duckworth shows in her book the new insight that anyone striving to succeed -you, me, your neighbor, professional athletes and business people- that the secret to outstanding achievement is not talent. But a special blend of passion and perseverance she calls ‘grit’.

What really drives to succes is not ‘genius’ but a unique combination of passion and long term perseverance. You can watch Angela Duckworth talk about the key to success here>> This one is for the Whore and Savior archetypes that are awesome working with their passion.

Get rich, Lucky Bitch,by Denise Duffield Thomas is a book and author to watch over time. Denise is an expert in Money and Success blocks especially for women. Denise has a no nonsense, yet spiritual and funny style of working. She has a money bootcamp online. But this book is a great start to deal with your own inner blocks to your succes. Great read, lovely teacher.

Life is messy, A quirky guide to sane and happy and clean eatingby Mayi Carles is a funny cookbook for people who love to cook and are looking for gluten free, dairy free but full of fun recipees. Also Mayi’s emails are a joy in itself. You can sign up for her Life is Messy emails here>>

De ontembare vrouw, by  Clarissa Pinkola Estés is een mooie verzameling van vrouwenverhalen en een goede analyse volgens Jungiaans psychoanalist Estes. Een klassieker voor iedere vrouw die van verhalen houdt met een verborgen boodschap.

Nobody wants to read your sh*t, by Steven Pressfield is a painful but necessary insight many of us just need to take in. This book is very helpful to transform the story you feel you need to share (as a therapy for yourself) into a story everybody needs to hear (for their own sake).


Back on the career track, by Carol Fishman Cohen and Vivian Steir Rabin is an interesting step by step guide for stay at home moms who want to get back to work.