Clarity brings you:

  • a higher¬†personal effectiveness
  • a higher job/life satisfaction
  • success that is later but also bigger than you expected and…
  • a lot of people asking you to do their job for free ūüėČ

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And now the personal story behind these tips…

With a personal website it is getting time to share a little more personal things too. Here’s a picture of my little family. Rob and I have 4 kids.

Did you know that I was single the first somewhat 30 years of my life? Yep! I was married to my work in the media. That was my love then. And then a afternoon I met Rob. We talked about 9 hours straight. Had dinner the day after and something a sign, made me really clear that I had to pay close attention to this guy.

Then a few years later we got the hard to digest news that I was not able to have kids.¬†There were a few scenario’s. Adoption was one of them. And then by some lucky chance Rob got a tip of IVF in belgium. That’s how a whole carousel of medic stuff happened.
Than after total of perseverance of 5 years,¬†came Fleur.¬†And then Fleur desired a brother or sister. (she already had an imaginary brother and hold a seat free for him, already playing with him and calling him Floris).¬†Then came the identical twins.¬†They had a 4 % survival rate. They made it and we cheered and were there for them. And then. Just when we were taking a breath from all that baby focus.¬†Out of nothing came #4. A boy.¬†Floris and surprised us all. Floris is now 2 years all and happy as a clam. And … it’s true: he is playing a lot with fleur. Just like Fleur did when she was too, with her imaginary (or was it??) brother Floris.

The reason I am sharing this story with you is to let you know that the bliss we have now did not come that easy.

It took a lot of sacrifice and perseverance, hope and a lot of clear focused visualization and bold action too.

And there are a few tips we can get from this experience as well:

1.¬†Don’t give up and think it is you and quit because of a sucky expert!!!

If some expert tells you ‘it can’t be done’ does not mean it can not happen. It just means that that expert does not see it happen or does not know the way.

2. Your need becomes real clear out of that no.

Sometimes a ‘no’ for something that seemed simple to have for others (like getting kids, or in your case maybe having a nice career or¬†promotion) just can give you the kick under your booty that you need to take action. Because it suddenly dawns on you that there is something that you really really really want.

3. It can happen that you go beyond your goal. 
If you really want something intensely, almost primal. Especially if you start to visualize and desire it with your loved ones or dear ones. Like way more than you thought you can handle. And that is so great. Awesome experience. So if you deeply desire a win. For many years.

Feeling the clear and profound yearning. Than be prepared that it will happen. Quite often much much later than you wanted it to happen. But surely better than you could ever dream of. Don’t give up and be prepared for miracles. Because they do happen. And they will happen to you too.

Now I have a question for you too:

If you are not there where you want to be (like I am not there where I want to be, because of my baby pause, and then some):

What do you feel/think is keeping you from getting clear what you want and getting it done?

Would you please share that with me?
(just hit the reply button)

Because I am starting to see patterns between archetypes and how they get stuck in their lives. (and how they can get unstuck too.

Here’s to our clarity and dreamed miracles that DO happen!



Ellen Soentken