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Get yourself prepared for the next female leadership wave that will be hitting your shore soon:


Last week I talked with a lady who is about to join the D&I group in her company. She is very intelligent and up to date about the latest trends: the millennials, the relaunchers, and gender, yes that too.

As soon as she told me about feedback from millennials about how bored they were it struck me how bored many other generations at work are too. Did you know that we are about to embark a time where we will be having 5 generations at the workplace? Time to watch that cool movie The Intern with Anne Hathaway and Robert de Niro and Anne Hathaway in the lead. I have the trailer enclosed below. I watched the movie with my husband Rob. We both loved it. No, I loooooved it. Especially when Robert is becoming a gender diversity activist a l’improviste with very cool oneliners you would love to have your superior, intern and yes your husband to say about you too!
So check that out.

Than something to tackle that boredom of yours (and maybe also for your colleagues). Diversity is not that boring as it may look at first glance. Most of the times, if you’re serious with it it feels like formula 1 racing to get the culture up and humming the way you want it to. And sometimes you read in the papers that another culture diverse initiative is boomeranging like a crazy ivan. Boring? Gender and generation diversity? Nope.

You just need the right tools. And the right systems in place. And I can help you with that.
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Yep again.
You can watch it yourself if you want to take your diversity results off the charts asap. But you can also forward it to someone who works in or with HR and needs to know about this. About that feisty 7 Vices and how it is totally the right tool to plugin to the already installed (and boring) personalty type models. You know the big ones: MBTI, Insights and so on. Because the 7 Vices can be plugged in seamlessly into these models. When you do that the 7 Vices will give you that edgy managerial interface you all need for a super fast appraisal and next steps in your work.
No more boring personality types and trainings and… actual diversity results in your organization!

I have seen it happen, been there to assist and would love to help you make it work as well.

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If you do this training you will learn the biggest no’s in gender diversity and 5 practical tips you can apply in your work, your team, your organization right now in order to have your gender diversity ready for the next big wave of female leadership.

Yep, you got it: there is a next big wave of female leadership coming up. It started with the female artists like Adele (there are no men in that league, did you know?), it started with the royal families (which male royalty is in the same popularity and influence league of our Queen Maxima, Queen Rania and off course Prinses Catherine?) and now the wave is hitting the female entrepreneurs who have a rockstar follow and 6 to 7 digit yearly income working on their 1 laptop from home (you know I am talking about Mary Forleo, Gaby Bernstein, Nathalie Lussier, Denise Duffield and the list is growing strong, again … no men in that league).
Are you prepared for the wave yourself?
Is your organization prepared when that female leadership wave is hitting your shore?

I can help you there.

First let’s get up to speed with my free HR training. You’ll love it and..



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