Today I got an interview call from a journalist who’s writing a piece about pitfalls of (aspiring) career women for a major dutch magazine for women. As the ‘how to’s’ are recently overly covered we talked about the big career pitfalls.

Do you know what is the biggest career pitfalls for women in the workforce? Especially for the millenials?

One of the difficult aspects of being a woman in the workplace is that you need to push yourself to step up and get noticed.

What I have learned the past decade and so helping multiple thousands of career women is that there are things I don’t need to be all public about (fe when I work one on one coaching a client) but there are things that I really need to force myself out of my comfort zone to push my thoughts into the world.

The biggest instant success that has happened in my career has been when I felt the anxiety of possible public failure and even went through that storm of emotions trusting my inner gut that all will be worth it.

I remember the moment when I first came with those 4 female archetypes the Witch, Virgin, Frump etc. (you can do the free test on my website here). And I felt the procrastination desire to talk about these ladies. Yet I knew I had to share this important stuff with women like you. I pushed on send for the first training brochure and literally did not leave the house for a few days. Afraid that people would mock me about the archetypes.

Quess what happened. Well you know. The trainings were sold out and I got a book publishing contract from speaking up. Magazines lined up for interviews and I hit   6 digits income with ease (and the latter was really sweet because I then started to recover from a deep burnout).

Even still, with every email I send out, I feel a knot in my stomach. I love to be in the limelight, I am comfortable speaking in public but…

I really need to push (and pull) myself to be seen in the social arena and online. That is really difficult for me.
But it is a thing I know I need to push myself to get over ‘me’.

The key ingredient to success for career women

In my opinion you first build up frustration and envy towards the women who are visibly successful, then you enter the second stage where you start to become aware that you don’t mind to push yourself to become more active in being seen yourself.

I am talking about listening to your inner desire to make a difference in the world. That frustration that you have waited to long and put yourself on hold or mute too long. For the priorities and desires of others. At work or at home. And sometimes it seems to live within too.

If you suffer from that classic disease to please others I urge you to start making a dream board for yourself. What do you want to experience in your life? What do you feel you need to do in order to make this positive difference. Great and small?

No matter your age, size, color, talents, achievements and contacts, there is one thing in common for all of us working women:

When we don’t share and shine our achievements no one will see and enjoy them.
-or others will take credit for them or some john will put ‘anonymous’ under our greatest contribution-

So << Test First Name >>, the day you feel someone else is bugging you because she is too shameless, or too proud, or arrogant, or too ‘commercial’ or too self content in sharing her achievements and talents.

Know it for what it is.

This is your wake up call to start showing some self love and respect for the reason you are really here;

Not to bug or criticize others for what they don’t do well enough or fast enough.

But get to work on what you could do out of your expertise and talents or should do out of your own social accountability.

If you don’t want to shine for yourself and your talents and what you can offer society, than do it to lighten the path of the next generation of women that are entering the workforce. You know all those girls who are in their twenties and early thirties who have been oversnowed by that bulsh*t recession depressing news and facts for decades, who have been facing huge numbers of unemployment (like 40 %) who don’t have a clue how to solve their huge debts and how to deal with their social media teenage history in their formal careers interviews.

Please don’t use your visibility 15 minutes of fame to ask attention or to ask more help hoping others want to to fix your problems.

But do radiate your unique being and message so women like the female millennials and imperfect but awesome women like you and me can pull themselves up to higher levels of personal achievement and of what’s possible for women nowadays.

Let’s shine.

What is the best way to up your visibilty and grow your chances of being seen in the right perspective?

Don’t know how to lit your inner light anymore?

I have just the thing for you.

Join me in my 30 day challenge. It’s free!

Lots of Love,

Ellen -shine baby!-Soentken