Our oldest daughter, Fleur, just passed another milestone with her first horseback riding summer camp away from mom & dad (and the bunch), cementing her ‘horse-girl’ title.

This was the last that I saw of her for the coming week (girl in pink legging). It was good that she did not look around, cause my eyes were tearing up:

Just when you would expect that the time is going terribly slow, time flies in this summer holiday so I thought I would do something a little different and share what I have been digging over the past few months.

Braxit & Bralettes: There is a quiet revolution going on under the female millennials (now in their teens to tweens). These ladies silently prefer not to wear bras. The bralette is the new bra. This trend is impacting lingerie companies like Victoria’s Secret by dropping their sales and putting their marketing adagio (be sexy & push it up) in a more and more outdated perspective. The natural look is taking over the need to be sexy and the need to push it all up.

Free online video converter (dutch)):
If you are on a holiday abroad (or if you are an avid filmer) you might want to convert your video files into smaller (and different) files. With this tool from A Powersoft you can do so swiftly, everywhere, anytime for free. Yeehee.

Great music (as background in your video):
Recently a friend said that she liked the music under my podcasts. (did you know that I have a podcast? You can listen to my relaxing podcasts on the beach (or wherever) for free. It’s in the itunes store here>>

The Bio identical Hormone therapy as a way out of (Peri) menopause. As you maybe already know I am 46 years old and I have been reading a lot lately about Bio Identical Hormone Therapy (in short BIHT). BIHT is becoming more popular and now streaming into traditional medicine practices as well. Here are a few people that are applying BIHT in their practice. (This is a big trend. Maybe even another silent revolution. I am telling you!!!)) In the US Dr Prudence Hall,  In the Netherlands: Women’s Healthcare Center VrouwenpoliBoxmeer, in Belgium Dr Thierry Hertoghe,

And now for more FUN. There is a site with little video’s that will make you smile (and others too). It’s called Gify.com. If you see me using fun little dances in my thank you pages or in my emails. You know it: Gigy.com

I am now doing the happy dance, cause Rob, my husband, just showed me the text from Fleur that she is doing well in the hore summercamp. I can let go and enjoy the day.


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Soooo. that’s what I have been reading about the past few months, beyond all the usual business stuff.

I hope one of these things will inspire you. Sometimes it is just that thing outside the ordinary daily routine that will just give you your next big idea!


Ellen – Inspiration is coming to you if you stand still- Soentken

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