e081cc54f5f8315df853cfdddf98b42bDid you know (or notice) that I love organizing?

I love to be organized.

And I am not the only one. Did you know that there are whole pinterest communities about organizing? It even has a special name for it, quite a naughty one too. You can see some of the perfection strivers here >>

And I also have an organizing gift for you

If you like to get clear again what you do want in your life for 2017, click on the picture below or scroll down to the bottom of the email, and download and fill out my dreamboard funsheet.

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unnamed-2Last Friday Floris showed me the beauty in imperfection.

We were sitting down in a restaurant at a children’s farm. Floris chose to sit down in the oldest armchair in the restaurant. He loved it and laughed while lifting one arm up and down from the armchair.

“Broken” He said with a big smile. 

And he utterly enjoyed sitting in the old chair eating his bun and drinking his apple juice.

He made me think again about imperfection.

Funny how ‘new’, ‘young’, ‘fresh’ ‘100%’ and ‘the perfect score’ have such attracting values.

Young puppy’s, baby’s, a new car, a new colleague, a new young boss. It is all so positive.

Yet Floris could not get enough from that old chair.

Would that also apply to us?

When we are not young, new and fresh. Maybe when we are older and not ‘there’ yet. When we are not arrived yet at where we desire aspire to be.

When we are under construction and underway…

Are we still… attractive and desired?

Does perfection beat imperfection?

Hey this is interesting and …food for thought.

Perfection does not beat imperfection in the eyes of Floris.

Neither in the eyes of someone who was falling in love with my friend Helma.

I remember a party in Amsterdam some 15 years ago and my friend Helma began her story with eyes wide open to me (and a few other friends):

“Ellen, I think I have met the love of my life last weekend!” 

“WOW, I replied. So that’s good news right?
Why are you so nervous here? What’s wrong then?”

“Well, I am not ready yet!!!

I feel that I am still under construction.” Helma answered, and she continued:

I am not ‘there’ yet with my personal development. Not where I think I have to be in order to be ready for him.”

“So, what are you going to do then?

Brush him off? Tell him to wait?

Or .. see what’s next?”, I asked

Helma decided to do the latter.

See what’s next.

And now, about 15 years later she is still married to this guy and they have a son.

All happy and all is good.

And when it comes to female leaders like you…

Will we accept imperfection in female leaders?hillary
Will we be ok that Hillary Clinton has had pneumonia last week? Or do we expect female leaders like Hill
ary (and maybe you too) to be like the Archetype Virgin we were brought up with in stories and folklore and religion and therefore want to label her infallible?

And are we also ok that other leaders with Archetype Witch or Devil are like the fallible but leading bad boys and girls of the pack??

Would we prefer a fallible archetype Witch or Devil over a fallible archetype Virgin?
The past 13 years I have never addressed politics in my emails. And it is very likely I will not do this again.

I write to you with no political preference.

Ok, except this one: I like to see more women win. You got me here!

And when a lady goes for an important leading position and is not afraid to emphasize an archetype (no matter what) the whole process of public opinion, media and the archetypes at play on the stage of life. It all tends to catch my eye. If you want me to use more daily examples: please let me know. If not. This is it.

IF we are ok of the imperfection of Archetype Virgin with Hillary and IF she wins I expect her to wear a lot of blues and whites and have a celestial royal appearance. These are symbolic signals that are so famous for the winning Archetype Virgin in shining moments. I expect her to talk about giving meaning and being inspiring, giving trust and striving for the highest moral values.

I did a similar prediction for then Princess Maxima at the inauguration Dutch King Willem-Alexander in 2013. And.. well for the ones who missed it: I was spot on with the blue and the serious, celestial, inspiring, royal appearance.
All the celestial blue of the transience into the Archetype Virgin.

Care to find out which archetype you are?

You can do the free quick Archetype Quick scan here>>

If you wonder what kind of archetype Donald Trump is according to my 7 Vices Personality type model (or any other male leader you’re curious about):

I have an Archetype Quick scan for men as well: Which Archetype is he Quiz>>

images-21There’s a word for the beauty of imperfection and transience.

I believe that we don’t need to be fixed (well most of us ;-)).

I love the idea of perfect imperfection. Just the beauty of authentic glow, without pretense to be anything other.

The acceptance of being ‘under construction’ and of imperfection is called ‘Wabi Sabi‘ in Japan.

2What’s Your (Wabi Sabi) Next?

I have a little gift for you here.
In order to get passed the frustration of not being perfect and not being there yet, you need some upbeat inspiration a handy tool to find out where you want to go.

That sweet spot you are so desiring to transitioning into.

If you like you can do an exercise with me to fill out your personal dreamboard.

It will help you to see what your longing tells you where you are transitioning into.

And if you do this, please do not be perfect, do not be nice or self hurting mentally.

What I mean is, Ellen, dare to dream for yourself, because when you’re clear you don’t need to be fixed in order to make it happen.

You can download my Dreamboard exercise handout here>>

And what’s next for you?

All perfection or Wabi Sabi?

Or a bit of both?

Email me.


Ellen Soentken

Oh and do you know a friend that has lost that zest for life? That desire to aspire?
Please forward this email to her. Maybe it is exactly what she needs to get started get under construction and transition into better and more uplifting places.