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I want to know what archetype I am

The Headroom, 7 Vices licensed practitioner

The Headroom knows the Archetypes of the 7 Vices inside out. Some have been working with the model in Training and coaching since 2008. The Archetypes of the 7 Vices model can be used by Yvonne, Marnix and Karin in coaching and in trainings.

Refreshing perspective

The Archetypes give you a refreshing new perspective on people and how to interact successfully with them.

Gender diverse

The 7 Vices Model is gender diverse. It measures femininity and masculinity and it also provides a picture of your most prominent feminine and masculine archetypes.

Unlock potential

Training and coaching with the 7 Vices Model helps people reach their full potential at the right times with the desired effect.

Licensed practitioners

Yvonne van Oosten, Marnix Vroom and Karin Cornet are trainers and coaches with the practitioners license to work with the 7 Vices model.

Yvonne van Oosten

Yvonne van Oosten

CEO The Headroom

Marnix Vroom

Marnix Vroom

Partner The Headroom

Karin Cornet

Karin Cornet

Mentor The Headroom